segunda-feira, 19 de maio de 2014

Sea I

I feel like I’m down the ocean
Deepest, silent
Where is full of weirdest types of life
Where, sometimes, you cannot find light
But where you can feel that pure energy, that heat
Down the ocean, i can’t be disrupted by other thing but I..
I can pretty much stay here
Feel a little sea flow, nothing more
Wait until tsunamis stop
Because I will be there: quiet, untouchable,
For millions of years, the ocean was the biggest refuge
I doubt if I will understand the ocean
The kindness of a whale, the delicate interactions in the reefs
All this water that flow into us
Where all had begun
Where all keeps in constant evolution
I love water
I love the ocean with its own mysteries
I hope someday the ocean sand could absorber me
My soul, my skin
And I could, with the ocean flows, discover the mystery
The life

And became completely wild

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